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    service and support

    After sales service system

    Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. operates in strict accordance with the industry standards, and strictly implements the quality management system ISO9001 standard, continuously improves the product quality and improves the company's after-sales service system, formulates relevant after-sales management procedures and after-sales warranty standards, and undertakes to:

    1. Our company strictly implements the supply contract to ensure that the quality of all supplies and services meet the requirements of relevant technology, delivery, acceptance and price stipulated in the contract, and lithium iron phosphate battery and BMS can be used normally under the environmental conditions of - 10 ℃ - 60 ℃.

    2. Deliver the goods in time according to the requirements of the demander, deliver the goods to the place designated by the demander free of charge, and pay a regular return visit to the service customers on the use of the products.

    3. Our company provides technical service guidance according to the requirements of the demander to ensure the normal and safe operation of the products.

    4. During the warranty period, the quality problems of our products are free of charge to be repaired or replaced according to the after-sales warranty standards, and timely handle the after-sales customer repair and handling opinions.

    5. The technical support department has flexible and diverse means of communication in China, providing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week response service ("7 × 24 hours response service").

    6. For the general communication failure within the warranty period, the Seller shall propose solutions within [4] hours after receiving the notice from Party A. if on-site maintenance is required, the manufacturer's technicians shall repair the equipment on site within [8] hours, and be responsible for eliminating the defects, repairing or replacing the relevant goods free of charge within [3] days.

    7. Our company will do a good job in battery after-sales maintenance and cooperation. When the demander encounters problems in the process of using the battery, our after-sales service department will make a phone call, remote reply or send someone to the site in time to deal with them within 24 hours after receiving the notice.

    8. In accordance with the requirements of the regulations, our company regularly visits users to understand the use of users' products, establishes user service files, and treats all customers with the "customer first" service, so as to further improve our company's product quality.

    9. Emergency plan: failure response process and treatment method

    Fault level

    Fault problem

    Treatment method

    Level 1

    The warning light is on

    After sales outlets check and solve the problems

    Level 2

    The warning light is on and the communication function is abnormal

    After sales outlets fill in the application to the company's after-sales service department, and the 

    after-sales technical personnel are sent to the outlets by the after-sales service department

    Level 3

    Unable to charge and discharge, abnormal communication function, all indicator lights are not on

    After the after-sales outlets report to the after-sales service department of the company, the problem 

    products will be returned to the company for treatment, and the products that cannot be transported will be solved by the company's technical personnel

    After sales service hotline: 0572-6128330

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