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                2. Xinghai Events

                  The company was established in July 2003

                  In September 2009, we built China's first electric vehicle with Zhongtai automobile

                  In June 2011, the second generation of transverse drainage technology was exported to Germany ECC, the first in China

                  In December 2012, Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established as a technology shareholder

                  In December 2013, all polar ear technology was exported to Iran Saba company

                  August 2016 strategic transformation of the company

                  Launch overseas communication energy storage market in January 2018

                  In December 2018, the annual production capacity of phase 1.1 reached 200 million watt hours

                  May, 2019 phase 1.2 annual production capacity of 500 million watt hours

                  By the end of 2020, the annual production capacity of phase 2.1 will reach 1 billion watt hours