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    Product solution

    Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co.Ltd is subordinate to the new energy sector of Headway Group,which established at 2003, and located at National Economic and Technological Development Zone Changxing Zhejiang.The company is a professional supplier of integrated solutions for lithium-ion batteries, specializes in the production and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, has the core patents and mass production based on this. The company currently has a capacity of 500 million watt-hours. The main products are large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate cells, NCM cells and energy solutions for various applications.The applications in the power field mainly include AGV, electric storage machinery such as forklift, etc. And the applications in the field of energy storage mainly include energy storage for communication, in (off) network, UPS backup (emergency) power supply, etc.


    48V Series
    48V150Ah LFP Battery

    News center

    2020-07-29 Headway Lithium ion Battery in Power Lithium Battery Technique Forum

    Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technique Co,.Ltd. president Xu Aokui introduces Headway lithium ion battery in Beijing Power Lithium Battery Technique and Industrial Development international Forum, Dec. 1st-12th, 2008.  Headway lithium battery adopting spe

    2020-07-29 Seven fashion &mainstream bathroom

    Seven fashion &mainstream bathroom

    2020-07-29 International top-ranking ceramics sanitary &bath product share the sanitary &bath market

    International top-ranking ceramics sanitary &bath product share the sanitary &bath market

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